Registered Office

The Lady Brabourne College
P 1/2, Shurawardy Avenue,
Kolkata 700 017.
West Bengal.

Life membership fee will be `1000 from now

The primary objectives of the associations can be briefly stated as follows:

  1. To promote fellowship and to establish , renew, and maintain contact among old students, old teachers, non-teaching staff of the Lady Brabourne College.
  2. To arrange and organize Lectures, Debates, Discussions, Seminars & Excursions.
  3. To promote and encourage Literary and Cultural activities and Social Services.
  4. To carry on the advancement of education in any form.
  5. To provide financial and medical relief for the poor and needy students, scholars or old pupils.
  6. To help aged, sick, helpless persons connected or associated with Lady Brabourne College.To undertake welfare projects.To provide assistance for study and research at any level , including grant of stipends, scholarships.
  7. To raise funds and to collect donations and subscriptions for the purpose of the society.
  8. To acquire ,purchase, take on lease or otherwise any establishment, land, building, and all kinds of movable properties required for the society.To do all acts, deeds, matters and things as may be deemed incidental or conducive to the foregoing objectives.
  9. To initiate or assist in initiation of any activities that may directly or indirectly be beneficial to the college and to the students, staff, ex-students, in upholding the tradition of excellence of the Lady Brabourne College, Kolkata.
  10. To regularly maintain & update a register of ex-students and of the former teachers of the college.


Membership is open to all persons who have studied for a minimum of one year in the Lady Brabourne College, Kolkata, without any distinction of caste colour, religion, or nationality.

There are 4 categories of members:

  • Ordinary Member : Annual subscription of Rs.75/- in addition to Rs.25/- to be paid onetime during the time of enrolment.
  • Associate Member : Husband of the ordinary member maybe co-opted as associate member. Such member is charged at the same rate as his wife.
  • Life Member : Any ordinary member or associate member paying a sum of Rs.750/- + Rs.25/- is elected as a life member.
  • Honorary Member : Governing Body may invite any person whom it thinks fit to become an honorary member for such duration as the Governing Body may decide

The Members of the Governing Body 2010-2011
Chief Patron & Advisor
Dr. Maya Dutta
Dr. Arati Basu Sengupta
Sm. Ajanta Choudhury
Sm.Prathama Sen
Sm. Sanghamitra Lahiri
Asst. Secretary
Sm. Krishna Sen
Sm. Siuli Jana
Asst. Treasurer
Sm. Atrayee Basu
News Letter Committee
Sm. Mahasweta Mukherjee
Sm. Suchita Chowdhury
Cultural Committee
Sm. Ajanta Chowdhuri
Sm. Prathama Sen
Sm. Anubha Ghosh
Sm Atrayee Basu
Sm. Manjir Ghosh
Sm. Suchita Choudhuri
Sm. Mohua Biswas
Sm. Sudeshna Ghosh
Sm. Dr. Anjana Ghosh
Seminar Committee
Dr. Ranjana Roy
Dr. Monisha Mukherjee
Sm. Subrota Sen
Dr. Saswati Mukherjee
Sm. Minoti Mukherjee
Social Service
Sm. Prathama Sen
Dr. Sandhya Saha
Sm Sucheta Niyogi
Sm. Nanda Ghosh Dastidar
Sm. Mamata Dhar
Dr. Bharati Dutta
Sm. Chaitali Das
Computer Committee
Sm. Atreyee Chakravarti
Sm. Payal Basu
Dr. Anubha Patatunda

The Lady Brabourne College, Kolkata has been identified by the UGC as College with potential for excellence. This is very encouraging. We, Lady Brabourne College Alumni Association would like to help the college to realize the dream of excellence, and make the potential a reality. As a first step, we would like all our members to come forward and participate in all our future programs.

We invite all the past students, and the outgoing students to enroll for membership, by filling up the registration form, which is already available on our website. Forms are also available at the Association office.