Dr. Haimanti Chakraborti

M.Sc. (C.U.), Ph.D. (B.I., J.U.)
Guest Lecturer

Department: Physics
About me

Email     : chakhmt@yahoo.com

Ph.D. : 1989, Bose Institute (J.U.) Experimental Soft Condensed matter using Radiactive Tracer Technique.

Post Doctoral fellow : 1989-1993, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics

CSIR Pool Officer : 1993-1996,Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics

Guest Scholar (PDF) : 1996-1999, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, 

Part time teacher : Bethune College,

Teacher in charge Physics SAIE (+2 Section), South Point High School (+ 2 section), 

Passion : Spreading Education  for the under privileged children, specially Girl child

: Spreading awareness about the struggles and life of world famous Scientists (specially woman scientist)
  by writing popular articles.(Published 10 feature articles in reffreed magazines) 

        : Gardening , Research

Professional Experience:

A) Teaching 

  • Examiner, Paper Setter   : Different Universities in different (Practical and Theoretical) examinations.
    Other Public Sector Examinations

  •  Lecturer                   : Distant education program of Netaji Open  Univ. (NOU) an academic window under IGNOU.

  • Teaching  Activity  :

    IN Under Graduate Level : Conduction, Radiation,Theory of Errors, General Practical (UG I) Coherence,
    Polarisation, Unit systems & Conversion, Communication Principle  (UG II)
    Nuclear Physics, Xray Crystallography,Fluid Dynamics (UG III)

    IN Post Graduate Level : General Experiments (1st semester). Nuclear Medicine (3rd semester).
    Material Physics (Elective Paper),PG Projects,Coordinator of  the Interactive session on Laboratory Visits
    (4th semester). 

 B) Research

  Appointed  Referee    : 1)  International Journal of Radiation Physics & Chemistry
2) International Journal of Radiation Applications and  Instrumentation : Part C 

Adjudicator      Different  Research Projects of India and USA. 

Examinar (Ph.D.)    Jadavpur University

Coordinator      : BRNS, DST , DBT, CPE Projects        


Research Experience and Interest:

Experimental condensed matter Physics(soft, highly correlated system) physics and materials science)
In particular, measurements involving Radioactive Tracer Technique employing the sliding cell technique (utilizing Beta & Gamma Spectroscopy) [INDIGENEOUSLY DEVELOPED] for the diffusion coefficient in various soft condensed  and highly correlated systems.
Experienced in handling different (liquid) radioisotopes,specially 204Tl, 32 P, 203 Hg,      72 Ga,22  Na,  24  Na, 134 CS, 137Cs.

Akin to research in the fields of liquid metals, strongly correlated liquids & soft condensed matters (emphasizing the Physical Properties of Surface as well as Bulk, Functionalizd Nanomaterials , Quantum Structures, Bio and Synthetic Polymers).

Salient developments in the study executed and resulted in well cited publications in different International Journals. Some of those are :

 1) First Announcement ( from Experimental Evidence) of isotope effect in case of liquid diffusion (Physical Review B,1995, single author),  

 2) Experimental evidence of anomalous behavior in transport properties of phosphoric acid (J.Phys.C,1996,  single author),

3) Signature  of  glass transition in a strongly  correlated 2D  liquid (J.Phys.C,2006),

4) Existence of structural phase transition in very highly correlated soft condensed system (concentrated aqueous electrolytes) (J.Sol.Chemistry 2010),

5) Velocity correlation among the ions in highly correlated bulk liquids and effect  of ionic environment on the transport of ions in highly correlated  liquids : from exptl investigations (2 publications applied radiation & isotopes, J. Soln Chemistry, 2010)  

6) Development of the Twin Cell Model for the exact prediction of Glass transition temperature for Thin Film Metallic Glass (2 publications in J.NonCrystalline Solids, 2013).