Smt. Sameena Murtaza

M.Sc., M.Phil, (A.M.U.)

Assistant Professor

Department of Physics

About me

E-mail  ID:

Academic  Qualification:

Ph.DAgain Joined in 2013CUHigh Energy Physics
Ph.DStarted in 2003A.M.U (Aligarh)Hypernuclear Physicsleft in 2005
M.Phill2002A.M.UHypernuclear Physics1st
M.Sc1998A.M.UPhysics (Spl Paper Electronics)1st (2nd Posi)
Intermediate1993U.P.BoardPhysics, Chem, Maths1st
High School1991U.P.BoardBio,Sci, So.Sci,Maths,Eng,Hindi2nd

Service Detail

a) Designation :  Assistant Professor (Physics)
b) Date of Joining the service :  20th June 2009
c) G.O.No. :  487-Edn(A)/4A08/09(10), Date 22.05.2009
d) First Posting :  Lady Brabourne College
e) Date of Joining at LBC :  20th June 2009
f) Under G.O. :  Same as SL No( c)
g) Transferred From :  NA
h) Tenure at LBC :  5 yrs
i) Date of confirmation in WBES :  20.06.2012



B.Sc IIIrd yr(Honours) :  Nuclear Physics.
B.Sc IInd yr(Honours) :  Electronics.
B.Sc Ist yr(Honours) :  Classical Mechanics and Electronics
B.Sc IInd yr(Pass) :  Electronics
B.Sc Ist (Pass) :  Classical Mechanics
Laboratory Classes: IIIrd yr(Hons.), Ist yr(Hons), IInd yr(Pass)

M.Sc Part I 1st Semester :  Electronics
Laboratory classes :  M.Sc Part-2  3rd Semester (Microprocessor)

Expertise: Research
a) Additive Quark Model at Post Graduate Level.
b) Realistic Study of ᴧ5He Hypernucleus at M.Phill Level.
c) Variational Monte Carlo Calculations of  Hypernucleus as PhD student in 2003.
d) Presently working in Quantum Mean Field 

1. One Poster presentation on topic "A Realistic Study of Hypernucleus" in 46th DAE-BRMS Symposium on Nuclear Physics held at Manonmanium Sundaranar University, Tirunveli during December 26th to 30th, 2002.
2 Oral Presentation on topic "A Variational Monte Carlo Calculation Hypernucleus", on Science Day of 2004 at Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh and had first prize.

Seminar/Workshop/Symposium Attended
a)Workshop attended at A.M.U Aligarh in Collabration with Nuclear Science Centre (NSC),New 1999
b)DAE(Department of Atomic Energy)-BRNS Symposium attended at Trinelveli, Tamilnadu in 2002.
d)DBT-Star Faculty Improvement Programme at LBC 2012.
e)DBT-Star College Programme at LBC 2012.
f)Refresher Course at Jadavpur University on topic "Recent trends in Biomedical Engineering" in 2012.
g)National Seminar on "Swami Vivekananda's Vision and its Relevence in the Contemporary World at LBC in 2013.
i)National Seminar on "Social Ineqalities;Issues and Practical Experiences in India" at LBC in 2013.
j)National Seminar on "A comparative Study of Aesthetics in Sanskrit, Persian and Hindi Literature" at LBC in 2013.
k)National Workshop on "Solar power: Tommorows Major Sources of Electricity" at Jadavpur the School of Energy Studies, Jadavpur University in 2013.
l)Orientation Programm at ASC, Jadavpur Uiversity in2013.
m)National Seminar on "Recents Advances in the Frontiers of Physics" at Bidhannagar College in 2013.
n)National Seminar on "Mathematics and Application" at LBC in 2013.

Fellowship/Scholarship received
a)Post Graduate Merit Scholarship during 1996-1998.
b)Department Research Scholarship during  M.Phil 2000-2002.
c)JRF in DST Research Project titled" Strangeness Physics of Hypernuclei and Neutron Star.

Other Achievements
a)Qualified GATE with 80.6 percentile in 2002
b)Qualified NET in 2002
c)Compurter Knowledge of Fortran,OOP's & C++


Paper Published

a) One paper published in DAE-BRNS Symposium entitled "A Realistic Study of Hypernucleus (2002)
b) One paper published in Physical Review C 68,024001 (2003)