Dr. Kakoli Sinha Ray

M.A (J.U.), PhD (J.U.)

Associate Professor

Department of History

About me

Email id: kakolisinharay@gmail.com
Educational Qualification:  M.A (J.U.), PhD (J.U.)
Area of Research:  Environmental History
Specialization: Forests and Wildlife of India
Hobbies: Cooking, Reading and Needlework
Teaching Experience in:
 Under Graduate level: 21 Years (Both Honours and General)
Post Graduate: 1.5 Years (3 semesters) at J.U.
Previous Posting: Durgapur Government College (1997 -2001)
Research Experience:

  • Completed two Minor Research Projects entitled:

a) ‘Shikar, Ecological Changes and Notions of Conservation in the Raj 1850-1947’ (2008-10)
b) ‘Breaking Barriers and Escaping Conventionalities: Memsahibs and Shikar in Colonial India’ ( 2015-17).

  • ‘Ordering the Wild: Shikar, Wildlife and Conservation in Colonial Bengal (1850 -1947)’ dissertation submitted for PhD under Jadavpur University, 2016

Member of Academic Bodies :

  • Life Member of Indian History Congress
  • Life Member of Institute Of Historical Studies.
  • Member of IAAPS (Indian Association for  Asian and Pacific Studies).

Member in Seminars/Conferences/Others

  • Coordinator, Organizing Committee, National Seminar on:  History Through Reminiscences: Diaries, Memoirs and Oral History, 4th February, 2011, Lady Brabourne College.
  • Member, Organizing committee,  Annual conference of PaschimbangaItihas Samsad from 24th to 26th January,2013 at Lady Brabourne College.

Administrative work:

  • In Charge :

University Examination,Part II, Lady Brabourne College.

  • Member, NAAC Core Committee , 2014,  2017-20.
  • Co-Convener :

Furniture Committee , Lady Brabourne College.
Income Tax Committee

 Assignments of the University of Calcutta:

  • Coordinator/Head Examiner (till date)
  • External Examiner
  • Examiner cum Scrutineer
  • Paper Setter.

Resource Person :


Chandernagore College

Ordering the Oriental Jungles: The Indian Experience.


4th Biennial International Conference, Indian Association For Asian And Pacific Studies, School of Historical Studies, ViswaBharati, Santiniketan, West Bengal.

Taming Wild India in the Days of the Raj, 1850- 1947

28.12.2008-30.12. 2008

69th Indian  History Congress, Kannur University, Kerela

Reminiscences of Wild India, 1850-1947.

15.05 2010-17.05.2010

70th Indian History Congress, University of Delhi, Delhi.

Tryst with the Wild:
The Jungle, Shikar and British Imperialism, 1850-1947


5th Biennial International Conference of Indian Association for Asian and Pacific Studies, Sikkim University, Gangtok

Expanding the Horizons of the Empire: the Quest to Control and Command the Sunderbans, 1875-1947


National Workshop on Nature Transformed: Ecology, Environment and Conservation in Global and South Asian History, Jadavpur University

From Disorder to Order: The Transformation of the Wild in Colonial Bengal, 1850-1947


National Seminar organized by Corpus Research Institute

A Sport of a Bygone Era: Shikar


National Seminar organized by Post Graduate Department of History, Malda College in collaboration with the Department of History, J.U. in Malda College

The Evolution of the Hunt: A Comparative Study of Shikar in Hindustan and British India

Dec. 2012

6th Biennial International Conference of Indian Association for Asian and Pacific Studies, University of  Calcutta

The Memsahib’s Tryst with the Empire of Nature

28-30th Dec. 2014

Indian  History Congress at JNU, New Delhi

From Jungles to Forests: The Transformation of  Bengal’s Woodlands under Colonialism(1850-1947)

22-25th Oct. 2015

The Third Conference of East Asian Environmental History organized by EAEH in Takamatsu, Japan

Man-Nature Co-existence: India’s Indigenous Legacy

19th February, 2016

The Twelfth Conference of History and Heritage organized by Itihas Academy Dhaka in NAEM, Dhaka

Perceptions of the Wild in Colonial India

5th July, 2016

National Workshop on Environmental  History of India organized by ICHR in New Delhi

Man and the Forest: The Indigenous Legacy of  Coexistence in India

28-30th Dec.2017

Indian  History Congress at JU Kolkata

The Wild: A Colonial Construct to Denote the ‘Other’


In Books and Journals :

    • Ordering the Oriental Jungle: The Indian Experience, History, Historiography and Society, U.G.C. sponsored Seminar Vol. 2008.
    • Gendering the Indian Wilderness: The Indian Jungles in the Eyes of the Sahibs, Higher Education Dept. Seminar Vol. March 2009
    • Reminiscences of Wild India , Journal of Social Sciences 2, Lady Brabourne College 2010 (referred)
    • Nine articles on Historical Places in The Dictionary of Historical Places of Bengal (1757-1947), 2013
    • Under the Blazing Sun: Lady Sahib, Emily Eden’s Passage Through India in the Other Universe, Setu and Lady Brabourne College Women’s Studies Centre, 2014
    • The Memsahibs’ Tryst with the Empire of Nature in History Through Reminiscences : Diaries, Memoirs and Oral History, UGC Sponsored National Level Seminar Volume (ed.) Kakoli Sinha Ray, 2014
  • Teaching experience in other Specialized Programmes:
  • Delivered lectures on GyanVani F.M. Channel on Medieval Indian History in 2007.
  • KakoliSinha Ray delivered 20 lectures and wrote 15 articles for Paper V (European Renaissance) of History Honours for a project of EMMRC for the U.G.C. to make educational programmes for the country wide classroom network (Channel I) of Doordarshan in 2014