Dr. Srabani Chakraborty nee Sarkar

M.Sc (C.U) , Ph.D IACS (J.U).

Associate Professor

Department of Physics

About me

e-mail                        : jss_chakrabarti@yahoo.co.in

Thesis Title: Studies on the elemental composition of primary cosmic rays over       Alice Spring using balloon borne plastic and nuclear emulsion stack


Professional Experience:
 Lecturer on Contract basis: 2001-2002 at Krishnagar Govt .College

 Lecturer: 2002-2006 at Krishnagar Govt College
 Sr. Lecturer: 2006-2008 Sept at Krishnagar Govt.College

 Sr. Lecturer: 2008Sept -2009 October at Lady Brabourne College

 Assistant Professor : 2009 November-  Till date at Lady Brabourne College

Teaching activity:

Involved in under graduate and post graduate teaching

 Current Research Interest:
 Statistical Mechanics and Soft Condensed Matter Physics.


Current academic Activities:
 Was a member of the organizing committee of the C.K. Majumdar Memorial Summer Workshop on Experimental Physics organized by Indian Association of Physics Teachers (Regional Council 15) in collaboration with Lady Brabourne College, 1st to 6th June, 2010.

  Served as an examiner in the National Graduate Physics Examination 2010 Part C, held on 7th of June, 2010 at the Lady Brabourne College.


Publications :
1. Interactions of 0.45Gev/n 84Kr36-ions on CR-39(MA-ND), D.P. Bhattacharya, B.Basu, P.Pal, R.Rakshit, S.Chakrabarti and I.Hunyadi Nuclear Instruments and methods, B61, 197(1991)

2. Estimation of chemical abundances of primary cosmic ray nuclei over Alice Springs using balloon borne passive detectors, D.P. Bhattacharya, B.Basu, P.Pal, S.Chakrabarti and M Fuji, Nuovo Cimento, 14C,595(1991).

3. Elemental composition of cosmic ray heavy nuclei  over  Alice Springs,
           D.P. Bhattacharya, B.Basu, P.Pal, S.Chakrabarti ,Fizika 23,415(1991)

4. Study of fragmentation in 56Fe+27 Al interaction at 1.88Gev using CR-39(DOP) solid state nuclear track detector D.P. Bhattacharya, B.Basu, P.Pal, R.Rakshit, S.Chakrabarti, S.Biswas  and N.Durgaprasad, Nuovo Cimento, 15C,11(1992).

5. Study of large fragments of Uranium projectiles of energy 0.927 Gev/n in Al target, Nuovo Cimento, 16C,249(1993)

6. Pershore made CR-39 (DOP) as a 1.013 Gev/n 197Au ion detector . D.P. Bhattacharya, S.Chakrabarti, R.Rakshit,B.Basu, P.Pal, and S.Biswas 
           Nuclear Instruments and methods, B73,, 308(1993)

7. Investigation of the very heavy cosmic abundancesat source estimated from balloon borne passive detector results over Alice Spring ,D.P. Bhattacharya, S.Chakrabarti, P.Pal, B.Basu and M Fuji, Nuovo Cimento, 16C,349(1993).

8. Short  ranged attraction and long ranged repulsion between two solute particles in a subcritical liquid solvent. J Chakrabarti, S Chakrabarti and H. Lowen J.Phys, Condensed.Matter 18 L81(2006)