Dr. Chhanda Basu Chaudhuri

M.Sc., (C.U.) Ph.D. ., S.N.B.N.C.B.S, (J.U.)

Associate Professor

Department: Physics

About me

E-mail: cabsuchaudhuri@gmail.com

Hobbies: Reading books, magazines and Newspapers, Listening music, Writing, Reading books especially short stories and poems

Special Interest: Gender studies and related area

Current Teaching Activity:

Undergraduate teaching modules: 

i) Waves and Vibrations

ii) Electromagnetic Induction

iii) Statistical Mechanics

iv) Programming in FORTRAN and C

v) General and Honurs Practical

Postgraduate teaching modules: 

i) Statistical Mechanics, 

ii) Numerical Analysis

iii) Material Science

v) General Practical

Also guiding the Post-Graduate students in their project work. 

Research Interest:

Broad area of research interest statistical mechanics and soft condensed matter physics and strongly correlated system. 

Interested to study the effective forces between the particles dispersed in a two dimensional colloidal fluid, modulated in one direction by a spatially periodic external potential by Monte - Carlo simulations and also the novel self assembly process. The tumability of effective forces in colloidal system with particle size variation is also an area of interest.

Interested in studying the properties of geologically important materials such as Olivine, Garnet etc by first principle methodology.

Interested in structural modelling of Glassy system and in studying the transport properties of metallic glasses.


Publications :

1. High pressure studies of MgTe using first principle electronic structure calculations C. Basu Chaudhuri, G.Pari, A Mookerjea and A Bhattacharyya Phys. Rev. B 60, 11846 (1999)

2. Observation of large change of 7Be decay rate in Au and Al2O3 and its implications A. Ray, P. Das, S K Das, B Sethi, A Mookerjee, C Basu Chaudhuri, G Pari Physical Letters B 455, 69(1999)

3.Effect of short range order on electronic and magnetic properties of disordered Co based alloys S. Ghosh, C Basu Chaudhuri, Biplab Sanyal, A Mookerjee J. Magn. Magn. Matter 234, 100113 (2001)

4. Electronic structure and magnetism of disorederd bcc Fe alloys S Ghosh, B Sanyal, C Basu Chaudhuri and A Mookerjee Eur. Phys. J. B23, 455 (2001)

5.Glass transition temperature of Pd-Cu-Ni-P thin film metallic glass - A 2D approach Haimanti Chakrabarti, C Basu Chaudhuri, Baishali Kanjilal, J. Non. Cryst. Solids, 359, 1, 2013, Pages 51-55

6. Glass Transition in thin film metallic glass of Pd-Cu-Ni-P Suchismita Roy, Suprova Moandal, Baishali Kanjilal, Chhanda Basu Chaudhuri, Haimanti Chakrabarti Science Journal, Lady Brabourne College, ISSN 2319 6858, vol 3, December 2012 , p 67 - 73

7.Cross-over between central and non-central conservative effective forces in a modulated colloidal fluid: The Journal of Chemical Physics, 139, 204903, 2013 Chhanda Basu Chaudhuri, Srabani Chakrabarty and J. Chakrabarti

8. Study of phase behaviour of a 2D colloidal system by Monte Carlo Simulation, MAC, Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, ISSN No. 2347-5366, Vol. I, No. 1, 2013, p 137-143 Chhanda Basu Chaudhuri, Srabani Chakrabarty

9. Lise Meitner The Most Significant Woman Scientist in twentieth century: News Letter Women Study Centre: Lady Brabourne College, vol 4, p 29-31, 2013 Chhanda Basu Chaudhuri, Srabani Chakrabarty


Papers in Conferances:

1. Ground State and High Pressure Studies of MgTe by First Principle Electronic Structure Calculations Chhanda Basu Chaudhuri, G Pari, A Mookerjee Solid State Physics: Proceedings of the DAE Solid State Physics Symposium, 352, 1999

2. Mass Transport in Bulk Metallic Glass Pd-Cu-Ni-P C Basu Chaudhuri, S Roy, S Mandal, H Chakrabarti, CMDAYS 09, 26 28 th August, 2009

3.Twin Cell Model for understanding the local and global mass transport in Thin Film Metallic Glass (TFMG) A Das, C Basu Chaudhuri, CMDAYS 10, 25 - 27 th August, 2010

4. Monte Carlo Study on the nature of effective forces in a modulated liquid: CMDAYS 2013 Chhanda Basu Chaudhuri, Srabani Chakrabarty