Dr. Soma Samaddar

M.Sc. (J.U.), Ph.D (J.U.)

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry

About me

Specialization: Physical Chemistry

Research Area: Biophysics: Structure function studies of Aminoacyl tRNA synthetases. Protein denaturation profile studies using spectrophotometry.

Special Interest and Hobbies: Reading & writing poetry.

E-Mail ID: somas2k@yahoo.com


Publication (important ones shortlisted):
  1. Effect of Phosphorylation on the Structure and Fold of Transactivation Domain of p53 ------- The Journal of Biological Chemistry, Vol.277, no.18, 15579-15585, 2002

  2. Glutamate Counteracts the Denaturing Effect of Urea through Its Effect on the Denatured State ------- The Journal of Biological Chemistry, Vol.278, no.38, 36077-36084, 2002

  3. Solvation change and ion release during aminoacylation by aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases ------- Nucleic Acids Research, Vol. 31, No. 20 6035-6042, 2003

  4. Solvation dynamics of a protein in the Pre Molten Globule State ------ Journal of Physical Chemistry B, Vol.110,21210-21215, 2006

  5. A collection of Bengali post modern poetry by Soma Samaddar "Ghas Faringer Danay Jal" Distributed by Deys Publishing ISBN: 978-81-295-1001-3