Dr. Suparna Pal

M.Sc., B.Ed. (C.U.), Ph.D (C.U.)

Assistant Professor

Department of Botany

About me

Teaching Experience:   UG: 9.5 Yrs,     PG: 1.5 Yrs

Research Interest:
Genotoxicity study of different environmental contaminants and screening of gene upregulation involved in metal detoxification mechanisms


  • Suparna Pal and Rita Kundu : A Field Study of Chromium and Cadmium  uptake, accumulation and tolerance in Alligator Weed [Alternanthera philoxeroides  (Mart.) Griseb].  (2011). Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences, Section B: Biological Science, India. 81 (IV):  404 – 410.
  • Suparna Pal and Rita Kundu: Accumulation of two transition metals and its influence on lipid peroxidation and photosynthetic pigments in an aquatic macrophyte [ Alternanthera philoxeroides (Mart.) Griseb]. (2011). J. Botan. Soc. Bengal 65(1): 23-29.
  • Suparna Pal and Rita Kundu : Study of metal resistance potential of the Cd , Cr tolerant Alligator Weed. Journal of Stress Physiology and Biochemistry, Vol 10 (1): pg 244-261, (2014).
  • Suparna Pal and Rita Kundu: Heavy Metal induced genotoxicity detection by RAPD in Alligator weed. (2015). IJETSR. 2(9): 1-12.
  • Suparna Pal. A comparative analysis of cadmium and chromium toxicity and detection of their genotoxic effect on plants by RAPD (Review article). Indian Journal of Advances in Plant Research. (2015). 2(2): 12-17.
  • Suparna Pal: Detection of environmental contaminants by RAPD method. (2016). Int.Curr.Microbiol.App.Sci; 5(8): 553-557.
  • Suparna Pal. Comparative Estimation of Cadmium, Chromium Resistance Capacity of Amaranthus viridis, Tianthema portulacastrum, Alternanthera philoxeroides collected from contaminated site and Assessment of phytoremedial potential. (2018). Environment and Ecology. (2018) vol 36(2): 409-417.

UGC-MRP: Successfully completed (Tenure: Oct 2009 – April 2011)
UGC approved no: [PSW- 062/09-10 (ERO), 8/10/09]

Title: “Understanding of the defence mechanism in Cadmium and Chromium stressed plant”.