Dr. Paulami Maiti

M.Sc., Ph.D. (C.U.)

Assistant Professor

Department of Zoology

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Name of the Institution where the research was carried out.Title of the ProjectFunding AgencyScholarship



Institute of Wetland Management and Ecological     Design . Department of Environment ,Govt. of West Bengal.   Wetlands of West Bengal

World Bank

Project ScientistJune 1996   

June 1997

Aquaculture Research Unit . Dept of Zoology, University of Calcutta.'Heavy Metal  hazards in Waste  Water      Pond in and  around Calcutta and their effect on mammalian systems contaminated     through fish raised in Waste Water impoundment'Department of Environment ,Govt. of West Bengal.

Junior Research Fellow

Jan 1998 

Oct 1999

Aquaculture Research Unit . Dept of Zoology, University of'Heavy Metal  hazards in Waste  Water      Pond in and  around Calcutta and their effect on mammalian systems contaminated     through fish raised in Waste Water impoundment'CSIR, New Delhi Senior Research FellowOct 1999 Aug 2002
Barasat Govt. College /Lady Brabourne College, Kolkata'Biodiversity of the Icthyofauna of Kolkata sewage fed wetlands and their Conservation strategies'.UGC, New Delhi Minor Research projectApril 2006March 2008
Lady Brabourne College, Kolkata 'Resource assessment ,recovery and Utilization      in dynamic sewage fed wetland ecosystem for low cost production of animal      protein' UGC, New DelhiMajor Research projectAugust 2012Ongoing


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  9. Maiti, P. (2003). Habitat Induced Metal   Accumulation in sewage-fed Fish and their depuration in changed environment.,   2003  (Selected in the 90th   Indian Science Congress, Bangalore, for Young Scientist Award Programme under   Section : Animals Veterinary & Fishery Sciences).
  11. Size gradient accumulation of Metals   in a Fish Species Orechromis nilotica    , reared in Sewage fed ponds and their possible transfer in human Food chain.,   2002, (Selected in the 89th Indian   Science Congress, Luknow, for Young Scientist Award Programme under Section :   Animals Veterinary & Fishery Sciences).
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  17. Maiti, P. and Banerjee, S. (1999).   Accumulation of Heavy metals in different tissues of a fish species   Orepchromis nilotica exposed in waste   water ecosystem (Communicated in the National Seminar on Environmental Biology   and Fish Biology (1999), Dept. of Zoology, University of Visva Bharati, Santiniketan


  1. Employed in the WBES service  with a teaching experience  for  11 years 10 months  in ( Zoology honours ) at the Undergraduate  level. 

  2. Served at Barasat Govt. College (from 8.8.2002 to 6.12.2006) and presently serving at Lady Brabourne College.

  3.  Serving as Guest Lecturer  at the PG and UG department  of Zoology  at   Sreerampore College , West Bengal for teaching  in  Post graduate classes  in Biodiversity and Conservation Biology ( Non  remunerative )  .

  4.  Served as Guest Lecturer in The Department of Zoology University of Calcutta, for  the M.Phil. Course in  Fishery.

  5.  Serving as University Examiner in UG (Zoology) Theory and Practical examinations   in Calcutta University.

  6.  Served as Paper setter in Vidyasagar University and in other Public examinations. 

  7.  Served as Paper setter and examiner in West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination. 



Maiti , P. K.  and  P. Maiti ( 2011 ) Biodiversity   its Perception, Peril and Preservation  in the Indian Perspective. PHI . Leaning Pvt Ltd. New Delhi. 

Journals  ( International Publication  )

  1. Paulami Maiti  and Samir Banerjee ( 2013 )Investigation on the Decline of Fish Faunal Diversity of the East Kolkata Wetlands. World Journal of Science and Technology3(02):16-21 .

  2.  Maiti , P .  and  S.  Banerjee (2012) Dynamics of Metal Concentration in Relation to  Body size and Feeding Habit of Sewage fed   Carps . World Journal of  Fish and Marine Sciences. 4 (4): 407-417.

  3.  Maiti, P. and Banerjee, S. (2012 ). Fate of metals in fish under variable sewage-input in ponds . International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications2( 6) 1- 13.

Journals  ( National level Publication  )

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Full  Paper Published in

  1. Maiti, P. and Banerjee, S. (2008).Strategy of metal accumulation in Fish with various food preferences . Zoological  Research in Human  Welfare .39 . 381-388 .

Chapter in Edited Volume.

  1. Maiti, P. and Banerjee, S. (2002). Bioaccumulation of metals in different food fishes in wastewater fed wetlands. In : Ecology of polluted waters (Arvind, K. ed.). Vol.I, A.P.H. Publishing Corporation, New Delhi, pp.217-230.