Dr. Mitali Bhattacharya

M.A., B.Ed., M.Lib.Sc., Ph.D.

Librarian (S.G.)

Department: Library

About me

E mail : mita.bhattacharya018@gmail.com

Qualifications : MA , B.Ed, MLIB Sc (NET Qualified)


Date of Birth : 20th April 1958

Date of Joining in the Post of Librarian : 1st February 1993

In the UGC Pay Scale

Date of Joining in this college : 5th Dec 2002

Date of Retirement : 30th April 2018

Research Interest : Academic Library system




(Administration) :                     As a Librarian ( 24+ years)

(Teaching Experiences )  :

  • Engaged as a Academic Counsellor for both BLIS and MLIS courses conducted by the Netaji Subhas Open University,West Bengal  
  • Guest lecturer in the Dept. of LIS   Rabindra Bharati University in the session of 1997-1998
  • Teaching  experiences in  Cert. LibSc Course  conducted by the Bengal Library Association since 1995





  1. Academic Library Development by  K. Rajasekharan and R Raman Nair.-  Ess Ess,  New Delhi, 1991.-(Perspective in Academic Libarrianship-1) p 141-142.
    ISBN 81-7000-129-3. In IASLIC Bulletin Vol. 39 No. 3 Sep 1995

  2. Academic Library Development by  K. Rajasekharan and R Raman Nair.-  Ess Ess,  New Delhi,1991.-(Perspective in Academic Libarrianship-2) p142-143.
    ISBN 81-7000-126-9.  In IASLIC Bulletin Vol. 39 No. 3 Sep 1995

Paper presented  in Conference /Seminar/Workshop 

  1. BHATTACHARYA (Mitali). Sarbastarer Granthagare O-bai sambharer  Byebohar (in Bengali) written for 44th Bengal   Library conference 1997. ISSN 0017-324X

  2. BHATTACHARYA (Mitali). Library Management : some facts & feeling In     RBU Journal of Lib & Inf Sc. Vol.2, 1998.

  3. MOOKHERJEE (B.P.) and BHATTACHARYA (Mitali). In quest of a standard for Medical Libraries  ILRD International Seminer , Dacca.1999.

  4. MOOKHERJEE (B.P.) and BHATTACHARYA (Mitali).  Suchikaran O Tracing. In Granthagar. Baisakh, 1407 (Bangabda).ISSN 0017-324X

  5. BHATTACHARYA (Mitali).  College Library Management : problems &  prospects .In a  Modernisation of Library Service in Govt.  College.Held on 11-12 December 1999.

  6. BHATTACHARYA (Mitali). In quest of Conservation Policy for Govt. College Libraries in West Bengal. In a State level Seminar on  Conservation and Preservation Methods for Maintaining Library Materials of Govt.  College Libraries. Held on 18th & 19th Nov,2000.

  7. BHATTACHARYA (Mitali). Granthagarer Sthannio Itihas O Tathya Utsya  Sankalan : aei sakranta parisheber samasya o Sambhabona (in Bengali).Written for 45th Bengal  Library Conference 2000.

  8. BHATTACHARYA (Mitali).  Bharate Granthagar O Tathya Vigyan Siksha  Byabostha/B P Mookherjee & M   Bhattacharya. In LIBRARIAN: Organ of  Dept of LIS ,  JU   vol.vii,2000  p. 72-80 .ISSN 09723978  

  9. BHATTACHARYA (Mitali) Digital Library : problems and prospects
    UGC sponsored National Level Work Shop On Technology enabled Teaching and Learning. Rashtraguru Surendranath  College, Barrackpore. 26th-27th Feb 2004

  10. BHATTACHARYA (Mitali). Best Practices  for the College Libraries  in the context of changing  Indian Higher Educational Scenario. In    the National level conference proceedings CHANGING TRENDS IN ACADEMIC LIBRARIANSHIP IN ELECTRONIC ENVIRONMENT (CTALEE-2013), C T Bora college, Pune, Maharastra. 13th -14th Dec, 2013.       

  11. BHATTACHARYA  (Mitali).   Learner  support  services  and   sustainability  in  Open  and distant  Learning  system with special reference to  Library and information Science education offered by NSOU, WB : some problems and prospects. In  UGC-DEB SPONSORED  National Seminar on  Reciprocal Library Services: is Public Library Network the better option!! Organised by  School of Humanities & Social Sciences,  NETAJI SUBHAS OPEN UNIVERSITY, KOLKATA. 6th-7th June 2014

Other  Academic Activities

1.      Dr. Mitali Bhattacharya has taken an  initiative towards fulfilling the objective of the UGC scheme (XIth Plan) Capacity Building of Women Managers. College Organized  a Regional  level SAM workshop  (Residential)  during  15th-19th Jan 2011. Dr. Mitali Bhattacharya , was the local co-ordinator and Trainer associate in the said workshop.

2.      BHATTACHARYA ( MITALI) Member of the  organizing committee in the capacity of Joint Secretary in the  National level seminar on  Swami Vevekanandas vision and its relevance in the comtemporary world  Organised by Lady Brabourne College. Kolkata  in collaboration with Ramkrishna Sarada Mission Vivekananda Vidyabhavan, Kolkata on 1st March 2013

3.      Dr. Mitali Bhattacharya served as a  Rapprotear for the Forth Technical session at  the National level conference on the  CTALEE-2013:  CHANGING TRENDS IN ACADEMIC LIBRARIANSHIP IN ELECTRONIC ENVIRONMENT , C T Bora college, Pune, Maharastra. 13th -14th Dec, 2013.        

4.      Dr. Mitali Bhattacharya served as a  Rapprotear for the whole session at SACTiL 2014 : an International Seminar  on Application of Communication and Information Technology  in Library  28th-30th Jan 2014 .Organised  by the Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, Department of  Atomic Energy, Govt. of India. Bidhannagar, Kolkata .           

5.      Dr. Mitali Bhattacharya  was invited as a Trainer Associate  in the  UGC Sponsored SAM Workshop under the scheme of CBWM, UGC XIth Plan during 24th- 28th April  2013 organised by the Vivekakanada College of Women Thakupukur.

6.      Dr. Mitali Bhattacharya was invited to participate as an Academic Counsellor in the NSOU workshop for Restructuring the Syllabus   of  BLIS and MLIS courses sponsored by the Distance Education Council, India and  Netaji Subhas Open University, West Bengal  on 10th and 11the MAY 2013.