Dr. Subhra Chattopadhyay

M.A. (C.U.), Ph.D. (IIT Kharagpur)

Associate Professor

Department of Geography

About me

Area of interest: regional planning, specifically 1.land and water resource planning  and 3.rural governance


Publication during 2011-2017:

  1. Chattopadhyay Subhra (2011):Lepchas’ Farming Traditions – Some Historical Injustices and Our Crisis in Environmental Education, Jr. of Social Science , vol-2
  2. Chattopadhyay Subhra (2012): How Microcredit Works in Rural and Urban Areas: Two Different Stories; Ind. Jr. of  Landscape system and Ecological Studies: Vol-35, No-1 (ISSN2231-3400)
  3. Chattopadhyay Subhra (20013): State Induced Participatory Planning and Peoples’ Response-a Case Study of Maipith –Baikunthapur Gram Panchayat, Kultali Coastal P.S., S. 24 Pgs, West Bengal, (ISSN-0046-9017)
  4. Chattopadhyay Subhra:  Land Conversion For New Urban Growth and Its Impact-From Dwellers’ Point of View: a Case Study of Rajarhat New Town, International Organisation  of Scientific Research –Journal of humanitie and Social Science(ISOR-JHSS);e-ISSN22790837, Vol4 issue 11(joint paper)
  5. Appraising Compensational Benefit Under ‘Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act,2013’ Government of India (2016) :Indian Jr for Regional Science,(ISSN-0046-9017) , (joint paper) volXLVIIINo.1,2016
  6. Chattopadhyay Subhra (20016):  Feasibility of Participatory Rural Governance within the Web of Representative Democracy: a Case Study in Indian Context 2016 (accepted) International Organisation  of Scientific Research –Journal of humanities and Social Science(ISOR-JHSS);e-ISSN22790837
  7. Significance of Micro-morphology in Town Planning-A case Study of Kolkata New Town : Indian Jr of Regional Sc. VolXLIX,No 1 (ISSN-0046-9017) Joint
  8. Identification of Growth Centres And Growth points in the District of North Twenty Four Parganas of West Bengal Indian Jr of Regional Sc. VolXLIX,No 2 (ISSN-0046-9017) Joint
  9. Impact of Urbanisation on Land Surface Temperature –A case Study of Kolkata New Town (20170, the International Jr. of Engineering And Science, vol 6,issue1 (ISSN 2319-1813)
  10. Tanusree mridha, Subhra chattopadhyay (2017).     Minor Surface Irrigation Development in West Bengal- an Overview    international journal of research in Social Sciences Vol. 7 Issue 10, October 2017, ISSN: 2249-2496 Impact Factor: 7.081.
  11. Puspita  Sengupta, Dr. Subhra Chattopadhyay (2017): Ground water depletion due to acquisition of agricultural land for city development: A case study of kolkata new town, International Journal of Academic Research and Development ISSN: 2455-4197, Volume 2; Issue 4; July 2017; Page No. 236-239
  12. S.Dey , Subhra Chattopadhyay (2018) : Assessment of Quality of Primary Healthcare     Facilities in West Bengal, International Jr. of Research in Geography,m vol 4 Issue 2, pp22-23