Dr. Mahua Chatterjee

M.Sc( C.U.), Ph.D, B. Ed(C. U.)

Assistant Professor

Department of Geography

About me

Areas of Interest: 
Social and Cultural Geography, Population Geography and Gender studies, Urban and Industrial Geography,  Tourism Geography, Geo-statistics

Teaching Experience:
UG- 12 Y   PG- 7 Y

Research Experience:
Principal Investigator:

  • UGC Minor Research Project on Participation of Women in Higher Academic Administrative Positions in West Bengal, 2015-2017
  • UGC Minor Research Project on  Urban- Industrial Transformation of Haldia, 2007-2009

Research Fellow in Geography at State Council of Educational Research and Training   (SCERT), Govt. of West Bengal, 2005

Research Guidance:

  • M. A./ M. Sc. Term Paper Supervised: 30
  • M. A./ M. Sc Dissertation Supervised:  01
  • M. A./ M. Sc. Field Report Supervised:02
  • B.A./ B. Sc.   Field Report Supervised:10

Administrative Experience:

  • BOS Member Post Graduate in Geography, Lady Brabourne College, since 2011
  • Convener, Expert Committee of Post Graduate in Geography, Lady Brabourne College (2014, 2017)
  • Head, Department of Geography, Haldia Government College, 2006-2009
  • Deputy Secretary, West Bengal Board of Primary Education, Government of West Bengal, 2009-2011
  • NSS Programme Officer, Haldia Government College (2006-2009)
  • Treasurer, Lady Brabourne College Hostel (since 2013)
  • Organising Secretary, National Conference on Glimpse on Universe, Earth, Man and Economy: Understanding Issues and Linkages, 2017

Paper presented in International/ National Conference/ Seminar etc: 41 papers

Research Publication: 16 papers in National Journals and edited books

Number of International/ National Seminar/ Conference attended: 17

Participation in Training courses/ Workshop/FIP/STC etc: 20


Research Publication in detail:

  • Chatterjee M (2018): The Impact of Industrial Growth on Environmental Quality of Haldia, West Bengal in  S Pan, S Mukherjee et.al S (eds.): ‘Encironmental Geography and Sustainable Society’, Concept Publishing Company Pvt Ltd, pp. 223-232, ISBN-978-93-86682-26-0.
  • Chatterjee M (2017): Association of Female Literacy with the Nutritional Status of Children: A Case Study of India  Indian Journal of Spatial Science (peer reviwed), Vol. 08, No.2, pp.31-35, ISSN 2249-3921
  • Chatterjee M (2016): Daughter Disadvantaged Sex Ratio and its Relation with Female Literacy in West Bengal: A Geographical Analysis Newsletter of Women’s Studies Centre, Lady Brabourne College, Vol. 07, No.1, pp.15-21, ISSN 2395-4299
  • Chatterjee M (2016): Child Malnutrition: A Big Challenge before India in A Roy (ed): Environment and Sustainability,  pp. 85-93, ISBN 978-93-83010-306-1
  • Chatterjee M (2016): Literacy Status and Level of Educational Development in Major States of India- An Empirical Analysis  in (peer reviwed) Journal of Social Science, Lady Brabourne College,  pp. 306-318, ISSN 2231-3400
  • Chatterjee M (2016): Uttarakhand Forest Fire 2016 and its impact on Bio-diversity in  Mukhopadhyay S C et al (ed): Land use Planning and Management, Institute of Landscape Ecology and Statistics,  pp. 167-174, ISBN 978-81-928047-6-7
  • Chatterjee M (2016): Food and Nutritional Security of India: On the Real Threat of Climate Change in  Khan D.K. and Bhadra S (eds.): ‘Climate Change: Issues and Challenges to Society, Environment and Development’, Department of Geography, HaringhataMahavidyalay, West Bengal, pp. 114-121, ISBN 978-81-929776-1-4.
  • Chatterjee M (2016): Drought Management Strategies and Challenges in India: A Critical Apprisal in  T K Das and K Mondal (ed): Environment Degradation and Disaster: A vision Plan for Sustainable Development, Department of Geography, Coochbehar College, West Bengal, pp. 119-127, ISBN 978-93-80736-25-9
  • Chatterjee M (2015): Economic Impact of Himalayan Earthquake with Particular Reference to Nepal Earthquake, 2015 in  Karmakar M (ed): Major Environmental Issues: Vulnerability and Impacts, Department of Geography, Maynaguri College, West Bengal, pp. 192-202, ISBN 978-93-84671-30-3
  • Chatterjee M (2015): Womens’ Participation in College Administration: An overview of colleges in West Bengal  in  Basu J. and Jana M (eds.): Women Empowerment: Miles to Go Department of Sociology, Radiance, Kolkata, pp. 303-309, ISBN 978-93-81037-42-3
  • Chatterjee M (2015): Regional Differences in Fertility Level of India and its Association with Female Literacy in Kamaruzzaman SK, Majumder M and Kasemi N (eds.): Changing Scenario of Society and Culture in the context of Globalisation, Department of Sociology, Birpara College, West Bengal, pp. 519-526, ISBN 978-93-84671-29-7
  • Chatterjee M (2015): Population Growth in Haldia Urban Area (1971-2011), Indian Journal of Landscape Systems and Ecological Studies, Vol. 38, No.1, pp.160-164, ISSN 0971-4170
  • Chatterjee M (2015): Maternal Mortality Ratio of India: An Important Measurement for Gender In equality Newsletter of Women’s Studies Centre, Lady Brabourne College, Vol. 06, No.1, pp.37-41, ISSN 2395-4299
  • Chatterjee M (2015): A Geographical Appraisal of Haldia Industrial Region  Indian Journal of Spatial Science(peer reviwed), Vol. 06, No.2, pp.10-15, ISSN 2249-3921
  • Chatterjee M (2014): Use of Solar Energy for Urban Electrification in India, Proceedings of International Seminar on Environmental Perspectives and Resource Management’ SandhyaPrakashani, Kolkata pp. 149-151, ISBN 978-81-928047-4-3.
  • Chatterjee M (2014): Acid Rain and its Harmful Effect on Vegetation in  Khan D.K. and Bhadra S (eds.): Application of Modern Techniques for the Management of Contemporary Environmental Hazards and Disasters’, Department of Geography, HaringhataMahavidyalay, West Bengal, pp. 185-188, ISBN 978-81-929776-0-7.