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Call for papers for Lady Brabourne College Journal of Humanities

The Lady Brabourne College Journal of Humanities invites papers on Literatures in the following Indian Languages: Bengali, English, Hindi, Persian, Sanskrit and Urdu. These constitute the six Literature Departments of the College.The Journal is multilingual with an ISSN and published by the Internal Quality Assurance Cell, Lady Brabourne College, Kolkata.

The theme of the forthcoming issue is Many Literatures: Texts and Contexts.
Last date for submission of papers is 30/4/2019.
Papers may be sent to:

Guidelines for Authors

  1. Authors of the papers must be new or experienced researchers, attached to an academic institution, with a well defined research or teaching assignment.
  2. Declaration: Authors are required to send as scanned documentmail attachment the following declaration signed by them: "I hereby declare that the manuscript entitled ". . . . . . ." is the outcome of original research conducted by me and has not been published yet. It will not be submitted for publication elsewhere until a decision is made by the Editorial Board of the Lady Brabourne College Journal of Humanities."
  3. 3. The papersmay be in any of the six languages mentioned above. Papers on a particular Literature, may be in another script. For instance a paper on Persian Literature may be in either Persian or English script. The main paper including works cited must be within 2500-3000 words, accompanied by a 300 word Abstract, five key words and a bio-note stating present Designation and Institution.
  4. Style Guide:
    • Papers must be submitted in two doc. files: PDF and WORD
    • Size: A4 with 1" margin on all four sides.
    • Font
      Script Font and Size
      Bengali Abhro ; Kalpurush 12
      English Times New Roman 12
      Hindi KritidevMangal 12
      Sanskrit For Bengali script : Baraha, Mangal, 12
      For Devanagari script :KritidevMangal 12
      Urdu Naspaalin 11
      Persian For English script : Times New Roman 12
      For Persian script : Aasaar 14
    • Spacing: Single spacing for Abstract; 1.5 for the main text of the paper; three spaces between Title and Main Text, between Main Text and Acknowledgements and between Acknowledgements and Works Cited.
      Paragraphs must be indented four spaces from the left margin of the text.
    • Citations: Under ‘Works Cited’ citations must be in the following order and punctuation (the equivalent punctuation in the bhasha or indigenous languages) Surname of author, Name. Title of essay/article in inverted commas. Title of container book or journal in italics. Place of publication: Publisher, year (for print sources); DOI and if the DOI in not available then the URL with date of access (for online sources).
      In-text citations must be in parentheses: (author surname and page number). In case of more than one work by the same author : (surname, title of work, page number).
    • Quotations: must not exceed 10% of the original text for short texts and minimal in the case of longer texts.
    • Summaries or paraphrases of sections of texts must acknowledge the original author by name and the title of the work.
    • Illustrations, pictures, tables and charts must be placed at the relevant place in the text with a title above. In case of multiple such insertions they must be numbered 1, 2. 3 as they case may be before the title.
    • Acknowledgements are to include real research guidance, institutional funding or sponsorship.

Call for Papers

The Advanced Research Centre for Indian Writing in English, Lady Brabourne College invites papers for a book, India and Global Culture published jointly with Sampark, a global academic publishing house.
Keeping in mind the phenomenal growth of Indian writing in English in the last few decades in India and across the world, and the critical discourse it has generated, we feel it is time for stock-taking. The book envisages new critical approaches to works in English by Indian writers in genres as diverse as the novel, short story, poetry, drama, film and non-fictional prose. Critical essays on English translations of Indian literatures and papers assessing the translations of Indian writing in English into Indian and other world languages are also solicited.By Indian writers we mean writers of Indian origin anywhere in the world.
We invite papers that look into new areas in terms of theme as well as new critical approaches.
The papers must follow the MLA 7 style, and should not be more than 3000 words in length, exclusive of works cited.
Complete papers, along with an abstract within 300 words, 5 key words and a bio-note within 150 words must be submitted by 15/07/2018 to the Board of Editors at the following mail id:

Prof. Krishna Sen
Jt. Director (External)&
Prof. Sanjukta Das
Jt. Director
Advanced Research Centre for Indian Writing in English
Lady Brabourne College,

Dr. Parna Ghose
Chief Editor