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Prof. Siuli Sarkar


On the auspicious occasion of the inauguration of the Platinum Jubilee Celebration Ceremony of Lady Brabourne College, I am feeling honoured and somewhat overwhelmed to have with us such esteemed dignitaries, delegates and guests. Our college was founded in 1939 with quite a noble mission of educating and enriching poor Muslim girls, enlightening and emancipating them. Gradually it has emerged as a multi-cultural institute for students from varied backgrounds. It has in the mean time put on a number of feathers on its hat.

I wholeheartedly believe that two most important factors behind the all-round development and success of this College are:
(a) a long tradition of a very strict discipline and (b) a total absence of any kind of external interference. This is probabaly reflected in the consistently brilliant academic performance of our students both during and after their College days.

Our College has completed 74 years of its life. From today it will start its glorious journey towards the completion of 75 years. During this one-year time span, I am quite certain, you will extend your long helping hands to make this journey much much smoother, to make our College more beautiful in every respect and to help our College reach its reputational zenith.

To commemorate the Platinum Jubilee of our college, the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) and Women's Studies Centre of Lady Brabourne College is planning a comprehensive study on "The role of Lady Brabourne College in educating minority women and towards emancipation and empowerment of women in Bengal." The focus is on the period 1939-1950. We appeal to all our alumni, ex-teachers and well wishers to send us any pertinent information they may have on this topic.

Contact person:
Prof. Indrani Chowduri Dutt