Research Activities & Ph. D Programmes

Research Activities

The faculty members of various departments are engaged in extensive research work. Twelve minor projects are being pursued currently by the faculty members of various departments.
A major project is progressing in the Physics department Moreover faculty members of the department are also engaged in collaborative major research projects with Saha Institiute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata while the Zoology Department is collaborating with Calcutta University on a major project.
Several Junior teachers and new recruits are in the process of completing their Ph. D programs in various renowned institutes of Kolkata.

Final report of UGC Major Research Project by Dr. Sanjukta Parui, Dept. of Zoology

Ph. D. Programs

Candidates can register under faculty members for research guidance towards Ph.D. degrees in the Physics, Microbiology, Geography and Zoology departments. In such cases the degree is awarded by Calcutta University.

  • In the Microbiology Department three students have been awarded PhD and one is going to submit and two others have registered their name in PhD programme of Calcutta University under the guidance of Dr. Aditi Nag Choudhury.
  • In the Physics department a research project entitled "Study of correlation between magnetisation and electric polarisation in multiferroic compounds" sanctioned by the UGC is running under Dr. Bidisa Chattopadhyay.
  • In the Physics department a major research project "Monte Carlo simulation of biaxial nematic liquid crystals" sanctioned by CSIR is running under Dr. Sudeshna DasGupta. Two research scholars have enrolled for their Ph.D degrees under her guidance.
  • In the Geography department 17 research scholars are pursuing their Ph. D. degrees under the guidance of three faculty members of the department: Professor Saswati Mookherjee (8), Dr Snehamanju Basu (5), and Dr Subhra Chatterjee (4).