Notice Board

Office of the Principal, Lady Brabourne College
P1/2, Suhrawardy Avenue, Kolkata - 700017

Memo no: 153/14A/TEN/18

Dated: 13.6.2018

Tender Notice

Sealed Quotations are invited on behalf of the Principal, Lady Brabourne College, P-1/2 Suhrawardy Avenue, Kolkata – 700017 from interested vendors possessing valid and updated I.T and Sales Tax / VAT clearance certificates for purchase of Furniture, Equipment, Chemical Equipment, Chemicals, Glass goods, Computer and CCTV (Total Rs. 32,25,000) under the Development Grant (Government of West Bengal). Vendors should also state their GST Registration No. on the Quotation.
Separate item lists for Equipments and Chemical equipments may be collected from concerned Science Departments from 25th - 27th June, 2018 and for Furniture, Computers & CCTV from the College office within the same dates. For furniture quotations are invited from WBSIDC (The West Bengal Small Industries Development Corporation) and for Computer quotations are invited from WTL (Webel Technology Limited).

Sealed Quotations for the said items will be received from 2nd – 4th July, 2018 by the respective departments and office between 12 noon – 2 pm.

Tenders will be opened on 6.7.2018 at 12.00 noon in the office of the Principal, Lady Brabourne College.

Lady Brabourne College